Research Applications

Businesses, institutions and individuals are generating and collecting data at an astonishing rate, growing faster than our ability to understand it, predict patterns or results, or use the information to achieve needed outcomes. The Center for Computational Learning can harness this data for greater human understanding as well as for very specific business applications. To do this, our world-class researchers in machine learning and data mining, focus on the specific goals and challenges of our clients, including private and public companies, medical centers, public utilities, government agencies and academic institutions.

The Center’s projects have focused on a wide-range of challenges in such areas as energy and public utilities, medical and biological research, systems and tools for translating languages and dialects, human learning and cognition, machine learning, and security systems. Although focusing on different types of challenges, all CCLS projects share a common goal: to understand, predict and produce the outcomes needed by each client. CCLS research scientists working in all project areas analyze massive amounts of data by research scientists using computational machines that organize data to “learn” about patterns, causes and predictability, i.e. “machine learning.”