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Our goal is to rank the electricity service structures (manholes and service boxes) in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens according to their vulnerability to serious manhole events such as manhole fires, explosions and smoking manholes. Our data includes Con Edison ECS (Emergency Control System) trouble tickets, which are records of past events affecting the secondary (low voltage) electric distribution system such as a manhole fire, manhole explosion, smoking manhole, no-light event, low voltage event, flickering light event, side-out partial outage, or burnout. The overall goal of our system is to assist Con Edison to prioritize the inspection of manholes and service boxes in four boroughs and to prioritize long-term follow-up repair works.

Status of the project



Manhattan 59K structures Ranked list delivered December 2008
Brooklyn 63K structures Preliminary ranked list

Subprojects and Tools

Visualization Structures at 2nd Avenue and 83rd Street
GATE Text Normalization Project
Structure Profiling Tool A Data Mining Display Tool for the Columbia/ConEdison Project on Manhole Event Prediction

Current people


Cynthia Rudin Fred Seible  
Becky Passonneau Jawwad Sultan
Axinia Radeva Diego Fulgueira
Ashish Tomar Nandini Bhardwaj
Haimonti Dutta Zhi An Liu
  Tom Lippincott


Kudos to the Secondary Group: Best Poster award at 2009 ICMLA

Secondary best posterThe poster - "Report Cards for Manholes: Eliciting Expert Feedback for a Learning Task" by Radeva, Axinia; Rudin, Cynthia; Passonneau, Rebecca J. (CCLS) and Isaac, Delfina (Con Ed) won the best poster award at 8th International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA 2009). Miami, FL.

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