CCLS Research

CCLS attracts research scientists who look at massive amounts of raw data as fertile ground for innovative solutions. Whether they are world-renowned experts in their fields or doctoral students, people at the Center share the ability to merge applied and academic research. They look for complex challenges in business, life sciences and government then design strategies for applying the power of academic research techniques in machine learning to our clients’ need to understand, predict and produce needed outcomes. Because of the caliber and wide-ranging interests of people at the Center, CCLS combines the energy and creativity of a start-up, the resources and the intellectual stimulation of a major university, and full time commitment to resolving the real world challenges faced by industry and government.

The Center for Computational Learning Systems is also a center for a rare breed of people who specialize in machine learning and its applications to real, sometimes immediate needs around the world. We invite you to get to know us here in cyberspace.