Careers at Columbia CCLS

Because the Center for Computation Learning System’s work focuses on the crucial concerns of our clients in industry and government as well as in the university, our projects are well funded. Our researcher scientists and graduate students work on grants instead of writing grant proposals. They have access to the massive amounts of data needed to develop breakthrough insights and solutions. Because we apply our research skills to the solution of real world problems, CCLS researchers not only publish their findings in academic and professional journals, but also may move on to work for innovative companies.

As a result, we are always interested in meeting highly qualified researchers in machine learning and data mining, especially in the areas of bioinformatics; natural language processing (both speech and text) and systems security.

We invite inquiries from research scientists at all levels as well as from recent doctoral graduates and graduate students who meet our qualifications. If you meet our qualifications, please submit your CV as well as a statement of research experience and goals to:

Columbia University CCLS
Center for Computational Learning Systems
Columbia University
475 Riverside Drive MC 7717
(850 Interchurch Center)
New York, NY 10115
center-jobsatccls [dot] columbia [dot] edu
jobsatccls [dot] columbia [dot] edu

Columbia University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Appointments to the Center will be for fixed renewable terms. Hiring is not necessarily synchronized with the academic year.