The Center for Computational Learning Systems aims to be a world leader in machine learning and data mining research, with a focus on the application of this research to specific real world challenges.

CCLS founders understood that data is growing faster than our ability to comprehend it. Industries, governments, universities and individuals are collecting vast amounts of data, fueled by cheap storage and computing hardware together with the Internet and the automation of business processes.

Large amounts of data implicitly contain patterns that may lead to a great increase in human knowledge and practical applications. CCLS was created as a Center where research scientists can apply their computational disciplines and resources of a great University to real-world challenges – and, in the process, develop new, efficient algorithms and innovative problem formulations that will also support and advance the University’s own research and teaching departments.

CCLS extends the effective size and scope of its research through interdisciplinary collaboration with the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science and leverages the strengths of the Computer Sciences Department and other groups in Columbia University.